A quick anime gripe.


One thing that you'll notice when watching an anime that has changing opening sequences (Anything like Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail) is that the images shown in the opening sequences are generally related to the current/upcoming arc. I like it when this happens because, for me, it acts a signifier for the new arc and also builds a little hype as to what's coming. Showing a few bad guys to give you a taste of what they might face, a few subtle hints, stuff like that.

And then there are times when they outright spoil plot elements...

Fairy Tail is pretty bad for this. The opening sequence changes from the Phantom Lord Arc to the Tower of Heaven arc on episode 25. The Tower of Heaven Arc features Juvia, a baddie from the previous arc. The opening sequences show her clearly fighting with the good guys. The kicker? Episode 25 is the second time we see Juvia properly and this is the episode where we are given any slight indication as to why she would want to join the good guys (her infatuation with Gray). Before that however, when the opening credits rool round, I imagine people were slightly confused. (I remember I was) Apart from that, it also blatantly points out that Juvia will eventually repent her ways, making her decision to leave Phantom and join Fairy Tail less impactuous (I have no idea if that's a word)

Nothing against Juvia of course, she's one of my favourite characters from the show.

The second instance (that I can remember off the top of my head) is in the latest opening sequence. It shows Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza and a beefed up Elfman standing together as a team, ready to compete in the Grand Magic Games. So clearly, in the build up to this episode, you assume that's the team they send to compete right? Nope, the original team had Wendy instead of Elfman, which (due to the opening sequence) makes it perfectly clear that Wendy will get switched out for whatever reason and Elfman will step in. Again, Elfman stepping up to the plate and being badass seems less important because it was already pointed out he would be there in the opening sequence.

It's just a minor thing, those little plot points being spoiled if you read between the lines of the story a bit, but I'd still rather be surprised at the twist.

I mean, even the latest Bleach opening sequence spoils Soi-fon's Bankai before she pulls it out. If I hadn't already read the manga, I'd be a little pissed my favourite character's mysterious Bankai was just spoiled for a cool looking shot.

Grr. That's all.
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Is This A Zombie?

It's probably the funniest anime I've watched in a long time. Lots of weird, random shit happens that makes little sense, but it's awesome.

I've also got to give a massive thumbs up to Tiger & Bunny. That show is awesome as well.

(no subject)

On Thursday, in the staff room before work, I was reading A Storm of Swords part 2: Blood and Gold and I laughed (or more accurately, voiced my pleasure at a damn fine twist in the plot) so one of my friends started talking about how it's weird that I laugh at books. Which is something I don't understand because books can be funny.

Anyway, the conversation moved onto A Game of Thrones, because someone else was reading the first book. We mentioned Jaime and Cersei's incestuous relationship and people voiced their disgust etcetera, but no one wanted to believe that, despite the incest, their relationship is actually one of the sweetest in the book. They're one of the only couples in the books who have forsaken duty or the benefits of marrying another house and are simply together because they honestly love each other. Obviously, "eww Incest" won out in the end though.

Maybe I've become too much of a romantic over these past few years.

Forget that, let me tell you all about my Game of Thrones OTP! Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. Oh god, I don't even want their relationship to change from what it is now, just keep them like they are. I love it. Although a good word has to be said for Daenerys/Missandei, if only because I love the Master/Servant relationship archetype and that Missandei is such a sweet girl.

First world problems

I has them.

Because it honestly isn't fair how much anime I want to watch has been added to my anime watching site. I'll actually list them to show you and maybe underwhelm the point of this journal entry if it isn't that long. And also to perhaps remind to not forget to watch them.

-The final 20 episodes of the original Naruto series
-Naruto Shippuden
-A Certain Magical Index
-Aria the Scarlet Ammo
-Tiger and Bunny
-Heaven's Memo Pad

That's without mentioning the on-going stuff that I'm following as it gets released.

It's a smallish list, but when you take episodes into account, it all adds up to a hell of a lot of time. Also, HA, Japan has funny names for their shows, because of cultural and language barriers. Silly Japan.

ALSO ALSO, HOLY CRAP BLACK AND WHITE 2 IS SO DAMN CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT. I'm gonna trade over a Venonat as soon as I can I ditch my starter because they all suck!

(no subject)

Okay, so that latest episode of Fairy Tail was beyond beautiful. There were near Madoka levels of feels going on. And when I say that I mean that Madoka is the only thing in recent years to bring me to real, actual tears. I physically cried at the end.

An episode of a long running, arc-based, shonen anime did something close to that. I'm honestly shocked. I mean no disrespect to Fairy Tail or the genre as whole because both Naruto and Bleach has dragged some feels out of me, but when you consider the genre, something like this isn't what I expected.

My eyes are all red and everything.

Excuse me whilst I go find some levity.
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Game of Thrones

So after about 1000 pages, I finally found a badass female character who isn't explicity described as being unattractive or straight up ugly.

Stand and bow Asha Greyjoy, you deserve it.

Just think, it only took about 1 book and almost half of another to get there. I'll be fair though, there are two contenders for a badass-and-not-ugly title, but they're still kids really so they have time to mature into badasses.

I love the series, the sense of effort you get from all of the world building is fantastic. Not quite Tolkien-esque but almost, is how I'd describe it. However, that's like saying "you like Bill, not quite like Jax, but almost." The one fault I'd give the book though is it's treatment of women. I know it's a very medieval, "swords-and-sandals" attitude and pretty historically accurate, but this is a fantasy universe and the rules of Real Life don't apply. I'm not asking for a Dragon Age level of acceptance (where men and women are equal. It states this in lore you can find around the world) but a little better than what it currently is, (which is, a man of learning explicitly stated that women are frail and prone to bad decisions PURELY BECAUSE THEY ARE FEMALE. This guy doesn't come across as beligerent or backwards at all either, he just merely states it like it's a fact.)

Ah well, let's just hope things improve as I go along.

Also... I er... I may have totally gotten into Naruto.

And I may already have an OTP.

But damn, I've seen some stuff that makes me think the Naruto Rule 34 community is at no loss for fetishistic pillarstones. I mean, one guy has a jutsu called Partial Expansion. That's just asking to be taken advantage of...

Should I give Naruto a second chance?

Janine picure because NINJAS.

To be perfectly fair to the show, I only stopped watching it because Naruto himself annoyed the living hell out of me.


I've seen broken records less repetitive than him... He's no Ichigo Kurosaki, that's for sure. Not that I'm saying Ichigo is a paragon of main character behaviour, but at least he's pretty damn cool.

From what I saw of the other characters (or at least which characters I recognised from artwork I've just randomly passed by on my internet adventures) they seem less insane, less annoying and probably more fun to watch. A friend of mine did say Naruto calms down eventually and even tones down the BELIEVE IT!, so I'm inclined to give it a chance just in case it happens to be secretly awesome and I'm just not seeing it.

I mean, people have to like it for a reason, right?

Gives me something to whilst waiting for the next episode of Steins;Gate. Damn is that show good. Oh, I suppose there's Fairy Tail and Bleach as well. Deadman Wonderland needs continuing as well. DO IT JAPAN, BE A REBEL.
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