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Proof I haven't been to Serebii in a while

I only just found out about that one-shot contest today. And I'm kinda interested in writing something for it.

So, because all of my ideas were semi-serious (and I really don't want to expend all of my serious) I decided I wanted to do something a little silly and humourous. I had an idea about how Drought Ninetales exist (pretty much just freaky Groudon sex) but I vetoed that one.


I stumbled across a bizarre and curious pokémon anomaly (pokénomaly if you will) whilst thinking about random pokémon crap. It's the fact that Azurill is the only pokémon that has a chance of changing gender when it evolves. Expanding upon that, let's say scientists examine that particular quirk and find a way to adapt that irregularity for use with humans. Let's say it's one particular scientist. Let's say it's a scientist who has been known to test things on himself in the past.

Let's say Bill uses SCIENCE! to turn himself into a girl.
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