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Status report

So it's been a while.

1. The site I was gonna read the Pokémon Special manga hadn't updated since I last read it, so I couldn't be bothered.
2. I'm up to the part of the Naruto Manga where Shippuden starts, so it's basically all uphill from this point. I love how the manga is essentially the anime, but with MUCH less fillery crap. Sure, it means Sakura does literally nothing for 240+ chapters, but it certainly gets to the point a lot quicker.
3. I'm pretty darn close the finishing Teen Titans. Only about eight episodes to go.
4. I haven't watched any anime other than updates for anime I was already following. I HAVE SO MUCH LINED UP D:
5. I'm in the process of joining an RP in the collab group I'm in on Fimfiction. It should be fun.
6. I'm sorry to say that I failed on this one...

So much Dragon's Dogma...
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