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Stuff... and things.

My "Want-to-do" list currently comprises of these things:

1) Re-read the Pokémon Special Manga and continue on from where I left off half-way through the DP arc.
2) Read the Naruto Manga because apparently I'm a masochist with too much time on my hands.
3) Watch all of the Teen Titans cartoon. Please refer to number 2 for reasoning.
4) Finish up the anime I'm currently watching and not start any more new series for a while (to make room for numbers 1 through 3)
5) Actually start writing or at least start a detailed a plan for what I should write.
6) Do my best not to get too immersed in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen when it comes out on the 26th.

*rubs hands together* I got dis.
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