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I'm in a kinda giddy mood right now because right about the time where I discover that I've pretty much exhausted my collection of xbox games and I can only attempt to fill my UnovaDex a certain amount every day, I find something awesome to do.

I'm playing Katawa Shoujo, (aka the rather insensitively named, Cripple/Disability Girl) and it's one of those japanese visual novel/dating sim style games that always crops up in anime (The World God Only Knows being a rather hilarious example of one being based solely around the concept xD) The premise of it is that you play a guy with a serious arrythmia and after a lengthy hospital stay, is directed to a new school better suited to his condition. You get there and are introduced to a variety of characters with varying disabilities. And it's awesome. The first time through, I decided to go down the path that is presented to me, and that was the deaf mute Class Rep. Even though it pained me to pass up talking with the incredibly adorable facial burn scarring girl, I had my mission.

I'm currently on 6% completion and the pure fact that it gives me a percentage only makes me determined to 100% it. And to be perfectly honest, all the girls I've met so far are pretty awesome, so it hardly seems like it will be a drag going through it again.

If it wasn't past 1am, I'd probably still be playing it xD Hooray for having the week off!
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