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348 episodes in...

and they only now get around to explicitly stating that, yes, the Fourth Hokage was Naruto's father.

I mean, it was basically obvious from the very first moment you see the image of the Fourth in the big mountain, but to take this long to actually say it? Daaaaaamn... I also thought it was pretty hilarious how Naruto's parents named him after the main character in one of Jiraiya's books xD

Speaking of which, is it weird that I enjoyed those two sets of world building/history episodes (the two Jiraiya ones and the two Kakashi ones) more than the actual story moving forwards? It might just be my love of world building, but I really loved the insight into those particular characters, especially Kakashi and how he got his Sharingan eye. Although it did make me wonder what happened to his other squadmate, the one who basically told him she loved him. I'd like to see him get with someone because he's a cool guy and my "d'aww background romance" buzz got killed when lol Spoiler Alert =D, Captain Asuma was axed.

I can understand why they don't have romance as a topic of regular discussion amongst the main ninja kids, because this is shonen anime and it's about ninja, not sappy romance scenes AS MUCH AS I WOULD LOVE IT TO BE ABOUT BOTH D'=. There's clearly wiggle room though and I was genuinely pleased to see Asuma and Kurinai randomly become a couple (despite from that point onwards, Kurinai doing basically nothing except watering plants and cry. Welp... at least she got pregnant, that's a plus I suppose.) It certainly beats Naruto sporadically asking Sakura out on dates on Hinata pining quietly in the corner. And it DEFINITELY beats Sasuke having this totally awesome red-haired tsnudere chick all over him and he just scowls at everything. Karin is awesome and she deserves a smile from that grumpy bastard.

And then there's Shikamaru and Temari. I'm still waiting you guys... hurry up and admit you love each other. MY TINGLY SHIPPING SENSE DEMANDS IT!

One more thing about Bleach whilst I'm talking about anime. I was at the bus stop the other day and I got to thinking, "has there ever been any proof of Soul Reapers having children? Basically, can children be born into Soul Society?" They have families and stuff, take the Kuchiki family for instance, Byakuya had a wife who died and her younger sister was Rukia hence why he brought her in, but he also had a Grandfather who gave Byakuya his scarf. Did Byakuya just die and get sent to Soul Society to join his Soul Reaper family? Or was he born there? The souls of the dead from earth can have Soul Reaper powers and get sent to Soul Reaper acadmies and stuff *scratches head* AARGH! I don't know. *confused*

In the end, it all boiled down to the fact that it would somehow dampen my shippy tendencies if I knew they couldn't have children.

...and then after typing this out I realise that Ichigo's dad was a Soul Reaper... You know what, I'm not gonna delete this section, I wasted my own time accidentally, so I'm gonna waste yours >=P
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