Proof I haven't been to Serebii in a while

I only just found out about that one-shot contest today. And I'm kinda interested in writing something for it.

So, because all of my ideas were semi-serious (and I really don't want to expend all of my serious) I decided I wanted to do something a little silly and humourous. I had an idea about how Drought Ninetales exist (pretty much just freaky Groudon sex) but I vetoed that one.


I stumbled across a bizarre and curious pokémon anomaly (pokénomaly if you will) whilst thinking about random pokémon crap. It's the fact that Azurill is the only pokémon that has a chance of changing gender when it evolves. Expanding upon that, let's say scientists examine that particular quirk and find a way to adapt that irregularity for use with humans. Let's say it's one particular scientist. Let's say it's a scientist who has been known to test things on himself in the past.

Let's say Bill uses SCIENCE! to turn himself into a girl.

I've been seeing a lot of hype

surrounding Naruto 632 and from seeing a few small screens of it (and some of the fanart done about it) leaves me kinda curious.

I'm at the point again in which I wonder whether I should just keep up with the anime (sloooooowly, but surely getting there) or whether I should have an epic tea-fuelled manga binge and just zoom all the way to the end. I ended up doing it with Bleach, so there's precendent.

ehh... even if I decide to go for it, I'm still in the 200's chapter wise, so it'd take a while for me to get there anyway. Ah, pointless conundrums.

Status report

So it's been a while.

1. The site I was gonna read the Pokémon Special manga hadn't updated since I last read it, so I couldn't be bothered.
2. I'm up to the part of the Naruto Manga where Shippuden starts, so it's basically all uphill from this point. I love how the manga is essentially the anime, but with MUCH less fillery crap. Sure, it means Sakura does literally nothing for 240+ chapters, but it certainly gets to the point a lot quicker.
3. I'm pretty darn close the finishing Teen Titans. Only about eight episodes to go.
4. I haven't watched any anime other than updates for anime I was already following. I HAVE SO MUCH LINED UP D:
5. I'm in the process of joining an RP in the collab group I'm in on Fimfiction. It should be fun.
6. I'm sorry to say that I failed on this one...

So much Dragon's Dogma...

Stuff... and things.

My "Want-to-do" list currently comprises of these things:

1) Re-read the Pokémon Special Manga and continue on from where I left off half-way through the DP arc.
2) Read the Naruto Manga because apparently I'm a masochist with too much time on my hands.
3) Watch all of the Teen Titans cartoon. Please refer to number 2 for reasoning.
4) Finish up the anime I'm currently watching and not start any more new series for a while (to make room for numbers 1 through 3)
5) Actually start writing or at least start a detailed a plan for what I should write.
6) Do my best not to get too immersed in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen when it comes out on the 26th.

*rubs hands together* I got dis.
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I wanna get into Persona

It just seems like a pretty cool thing to play, you know?

The P4A fighting game is FINALLY coming out in Europe soon, (ha, remember when I made that LJ article AEONS AGO saying I can't wait for it |= ) so that's definitely a place to start, but I know there's more stuff out there. The game better come out at discount like Anarchy Reigns did, which would only be fair considering they both had the same epic delay in release.

It's also largely thanks to watching the anime that I got, and subsequently found hilarious, this comic.


Plot bunnies

So lately I've had two ideas for completely original stories (or at least somewhat basic outlines)

The first one, and the most formed idea, is a supernatural style thing. It starts off ordinary enough with a guy leasing a new apartment, but he soon discovers that the place kinda smells. To combat the smell, he sprays some odour elimination stuff around the apartment and opens the windows to airate it, then he leaves to go do other things whilst it's sorting itself out. Later that day, he comes back with a bunch of stuff for dinner to find a woman asleep on the floor, basking in the light of the window. Considering that his door was locked, there were no signs of forced entry and his apartment is on the third floor, he starts to wonder just how someone got in (not to mention why they just fell asleep).

He takes measures to arm himself in case the woman is just a really bad burglar, then wakes her up and demands to know her intentions. She merely rubs her eyes and says that it seemed like a nice place to take a nap. When he asks her how she got in, she says that she climbed through the window, pointing at the large open window before them both, but when he looks outside, he can't see any drainpipes she could have shimmied up, just plain wall. He seems a little uneasy and when he asks who she is, she tells him that she's a cat. He thinks it's a joke and finds her somewhat pitiable (she was rather easy on the eyes as well) so he decides to at least feed her before sending her on her way telling her that she can't just go sleeping in peoples apartments. He probably thinks that she's used this place as a place to sleep before and just didn't realise it was taken now.

The first act of the story will be him getting to know her through their various encounters and him wondering whether she's just delusional (and just really athletic) or actually a cat. There will be subtle hints, some of which the main guy probably isn't aware of which point towards the girl either being followed by some kind of organisation that sounds sorta government-y or criminal-y. After some time, he'll get dragged into a world of well-concealed monsters, just living every day lives amongst humans. I don't know what would happen beyond that point though.

The second idea is much less fleshed out. It was just called 'Colour' and takes place in a world completely devoid of colour. The main character, a girl, soon finds that she somehow has the ability to manifest colour and that with each colour, she gains different abilites or can manipulate different things.

It would look way prettier if it was a visual media though.


I'm in a kinda giddy mood right now because right about the time where I discover that I've pretty much exhausted my collection of xbox games and I can only attempt to fill my UnovaDex a certain amount every day, I find something awesome to do.

I'm playing Katawa Shoujo, (aka the rather insensitively named, Cripple/Disability Girl) and it's one of those japanese visual novel/dating sim style games that always crops up in anime (The World God Only Knows being a rather hilarious example of one being based solely around the concept xD) The premise of it is that you play a guy with a serious arrythmia and after a lengthy hospital stay, is directed to a new school better suited to his condition. You get there and are introduced to a variety of characters with varying disabilities. And it's awesome. The first time through, I decided to go down the path that is presented to me, and that was the deaf mute Class Rep. Even though it pained me to pass up talking with the incredibly adorable facial burn scarring girl, I had my mission.

I'm currently on 6% completion and the pure fact that it gives me a percentage only makes me determined to 100% it. And to be perfectly honest, all the girls I've met so far are pretty awesome, so it hardly seems like it will be a drag going through it again.

If it wasn't past 1am, I'd probably still be playing it xD Hooray for having the week off!

For your consideration and perusal

Interested in high quality Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Homestuck (+many more) fanart?

It's not often I would ever do this, but I've just been flicking through this girl's dA profile and HOLY SHIT is it good. All I'm gonna say is, Genderbent Marauders + Snape are really awesome.

http://viria13.deviantart.com/ - check it out for funsies. Despite being a minefield of "oh god, why did that dude post a picture of his junk and put it on dA!?" The front page can lead to awesomeness indeed.
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